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Get inspired: Ludwick Marishane

Ludwick Marishane, inventor, entrepreneur and Managing Director of Headboy Industries started young and never gave up in a quest to change the world.


Growing up in the small town of Motetema Village, Limpopo he was never rich or privileged but what he did have is a head full of ideas – and a very clear goal to be an entrepreneur and inventor of solutions that would make an impact on the world. He set a higher goal to accomplish this before his 30th birthday.


Ludwick had his first business idea when he was just in the 11th grade- at this time he didn’t have access to a laptop or a computer. So when he created his 40 page business plan in six months and applied for the patent six months later, he did it all on an old cell phone. With no entrepreneurial experience or social networks, securing the financial backing he needed to start his business seemed impossible and the challenges felt bigger than him. Reflecting on the time when he started, it took a lot of physical energy and mental agility to stay focused on his goal and to keep going every day.


His need to discover and to solve problems, together with his ambition to succeed in business were the driving forces behind leading him to where he is today.

Named as one of Time Magazine’s 30 people under 30 most likely to change the world and winning the Global Student Entrepreneur of the Year award were big achievements and Ludwick Marishane plans to eclipse these achievements with even greater success. Watch the full video to see what Ludwick’s recipe for success is.

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